Congratulations to Tim Palinski for successfully defending his Ph.D thesis!

Tim Palinski has successfully defended his Ph.D thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Palinski!

Welcome Junhu Zhou join our group as a PHD student!

Welcome Junhu Zhou, from Beihang University, join our group as a PHD student!

Welcome Jiyoon Park join our group as a PHD student!

Welcome Jiyoon Park, from Dartmouth College, join our group as a PHD student!

Welcome Dr. Lin Dong join our group

Welcome Dr. Lin Dong from Stevens Insititute of Technology join our group as a research associate.

Welcome Cathy Li into our group

Cathy is a pre-med student and a Biomedical Engineering and Economics double major at Dartmouth. She is from Northeast Pennsylvania. On campus, she is an analyst for Smart Woman Securities, a peer tutor, and a member of Women in Business, Dartmouth Finance Society, and Dartmouth Club Badminton. She is also a building manager at the Collis Student Center and a supervisor at a snack bar on campus. In her free time, she enjoys running, working out, and watching movies.

Welcome George C. Cheng into our group

George is a Engineering Sciences and Economics double major at Dartmouth who has grown up attending international schools in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Over the summers, he has interned for WuXi NextCODE and JW Therapeutics, a CAR-T immunotherapy company. On campus, he is a Co-President of the International Business Council, a Portfolio Manager for the Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program (DIPP), a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and plays for the Dartmouth Club Soccer team. Additionally, he is the Managing Partner and Co-Owner of The Gratefull Bed LLC, a student-run full-size bed rental company. In his free time, he enjoys skiing and traveling.

Kaisa won a award from the New England Science Symposium!

Our undergraduate researcher, Kasia Kready, won the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Award from the New England Science Symposium. Congratulations!

Zhang lab has received 2016 NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award!

Our lab has received 2016 NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award!
The Transformative Research Award, established in 2009, promotes cross-cutting, interdisciplinary approaches and is open to individuals and teams of investigators who propose research that could potentially create or challenge existing paradigms.
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Dajing will start his new career as Associate Professor in China. Congratulations!

Dajing Chen (Research Associate) will be an Associate Professor at Hangzhou Normal University, with the appointment at HZNU Medical School starting 2017.

Amogha Tadimety received Dartmouth Cancer Center Developmental Funds, Congratulations!

Award source: Cancer Center Developmental Funds (Pilot Projects) through NCCC
Project Title: Use of plasmonic nanosensors to screen circulating biomarkers for pancreatic cancer early detection, prognosis, and response to therapy