Research Associates

  • Dr. Nanjing Hao
    Research Associate 2016-2019, Now, research associate at Duke University. Personal website:
  • Hamid T. Chorsi
    Research Associate 2016-2017, Now, Ph.D. student in University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Dr. Lina Zhang
    Visiting scholar 2016-2017, Now, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
  • Dr. Ying Zhu
    Research Associate 2015-2017, Now, Australia
  • Dr. Dajing Chen
    Research Associate 2014-2016, Now: Associate Professor, Hangzhou Normal University, China
  • Dr. Abeer Syed
    Research Associate 2015-2016, Now, India
  • Dr.  Xiangjun Li
    Visiting Faculty 2015, Now: Associate Professor, China Jiliang University
  • Dr. Kazunori Hoshino
    Post Doctor 2013, Now: Assistant Professor, Univ. of Connecticut
  • Dr. Yigit Daghan Gokdel
    Post Doctor 2012, Now: Assistant Professor, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey
  • Dr. Sang-Soo Je
    Post Doctor 2011, Now: Principal Engineer R&D at Emcore, NM
  • Dr. Yuyan Wang
    Post Doctor 2010, Now: Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Graduates
  • Timothy Palinski
    Ph.D. 2019
    Plasmonic metasurfaces as molecular sensors: theory, nanofabrication, and on-chip applications
  • Gauri Bhave 
    Ph.D. 2014
    Micro-patterning colloidal quantum dots based light sources for cellular array imaging
  • Peng Chen
    Ph.D. 2014
    Immunomagnetic Circulating Tumor Cells Detection at Small Scale: Multiphysics Modeling, Thin Film Magnets and Cancer Screening
  • Youngkyu Lee
    Ph.D. 2014
    Light manipulation through periodic plasmonic corrugations
  • Zhongxing Wang
    Ph.D. 2013
    Ciliary Micropillar Captures Exosomes for Drug Resistant Cells’ Response to Nanoparticle Therapy Test
  • Yu-Yen Huang
    Ph.D. 2013
    Immunomagnetic microfluidic screening system for circulating tumor cells detection and analysis
  • Youmin Wang
    Ph.D. 2013
    Miniature laser scanning micro-endoscopes: multi-modality imaging system and biomedical applications
  • Tushar Sharma
    Ph.D. 2012
    Nanostructured PVDF-TrFE based piezoelectric pressure sensors on catheter for cardiovascular applications
  • Lingyun Wang
    Ph.D. 2012
    Embedded Metallic Grating and Photonic Crystal based Scanning Probes for Subwavelength Near-field Light Confinement
  • Ashwini Gopal
    Ph.D. 2011
    Multicolor colloidal quantum dot based inorganic light emitting diode on silicon: design, fabrication and biomedical applications
  • Karthik Kumar
    Ph.D. 2009
    Microelectromechanical handheld laser-scanning confocal microscope: Application to Breast Cancer Imaging
  • Junghyo Nah
    M.Sc. 2007
  • Hongdae Moon
    M.Sc. 2006
  • Gabe Dagani
    M.Sc. 2006
Undergraduate Students
  • Kaina Chen
  • Annie Hang
  • Yicheng Zhang
  • Morgan Lee
  • Cathy Li
  • George Cheng